legs go ….

“Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them.”   Marlene Dietrich

studio:  Infit Dance Studio

Pole Priestesses Unite !

Pole dancing and the aerial arts have been a very sacred journey for me, as it is for many women who embark on this path.   I’ve always felt that there was a temple priestess who lived inside me from a past life.  (Her name is sheBA – my dancer name.)  Well it excites me to no end to be reunited with other temple priestesses along the path !

I first encountered Pole Priestess (Rebekah Boyle) in an interview on Pole Parlour – and I knew immediately she was another temple priestess !  We later connected on Instagram and her posts literally feed my soul !  So you can imagine I was just overjoyed to be invited to be featured on her PolePriestess blog as a “Sacred Sister” !!!!

Come inside the temple with us and enjoy our chat !  Click the link here: http://www.polepriestess.com/pole-priestess-blog/2018/4/15/sacred-sister-makeda

heals ~

“I’m in love with what a high heel does to a leg: how it makes a woman or a man feel.  It’s empowering.”  Billy Porter


stretcHer !

“A good goal is like a strenuous exercise – it makes you stretch.”   Mary Kay Ash

Got Press !

My Jazzmyne Public Relations agency has had the extreme pleasure of booking guests for eight years now on Cyrus Webb’s  “Conversations Live Show.”  We have seen this young man grow from a budding interviewer to a celebrity media personality ! The roster of who he has interviewed is simply – mindblowing !  Well today he interviewed @FlyingOver50 and we talked pr, pole and positivity !  Bless you Cyrus !    Listen in here:   https://www.iheart.com/podcast/966-Cyrus-Webbs-tracks-28751548/episode/celebrity-publicist-makeda-smith-stops-by-29141344/

Strengthen then Stretch then Split – with The Pole PT

Splits for a dancer are everything – but being able to do them properly is another thing !  So when one of my favorite online trainers put out the call for ‘guinea pigs’ to test her new The Pole PT  “Strength and Stretch for Splits” training program – with the promise that I could do it all from home with minimum equipment and no pole required – how could I refuse.  Admittedly, I wondered if at my age – I could even improve my splits – but  it was worth a try.

The program entailed about 40 minutes ( which equated to about an hour and 15 minutes for me – lol ) of training 4 days a week for 6 weeks!  And I did it !!!!! And yes, my splits are waaaaay more splitty now!

The Pole PT gets my senior friendly stamp of approval !  We loved the Pole PT training for our PST Fit Club suspension training kit in the past – and this new program was more of the same – great strength training and stretching – which makes for more dynamic poling.

Special shout out to Neola Kay Wilby – the wonderful innovator behind the Pole PT brand !