red shoe diary ….

no matter about the weight of the world …

a pole and a pair of red shoes …

and ‘eye’ am lifted ~

studio:  Tilt Studios

red shoe lift

he say, “your heart, your head, your soul” (today’s blogism by mr. ism)

he say,

“it don’t matter if you turn your head away

or try to hide your heart.  

your soul hears me baby.

 ‘eye’ got your soul.”  

 – blogism by my ‘mr. ism’ 



studio:  Tilt Studios

art direction:  Allison Jones

makeup:  Asha Jaha

steelness …..

stillness is the point of sublime power

everything essentially emerges out of stillness        steel point




is my

steel point.  

photography:  Donnell Spencer Jr.

makeup:  Asha Jaha