sending blessings !

I realize I’ve been blogging for a little for two years now !  Blogging keeps me motivated and inspired and I’d like to think my lil’ light inspires yours and together we brighten this world !  So I just wanted to take a moment and send my blessings and appreciation to all !  Keep Flying Over 50 y’all !

moving grace ~ (video)


when a women discovers the grace in her movement, she unlocks the ‘powHer’ to change her world.  dance with me at

silkyHer ~ (video)

I have been known to call pole my ‘gateway’ drug.  It has led me to serious aerial addiction.  It started with pole, then lead to aerial hammock and then lyra ( the aerial hoop).  I even tried  aerial trapeze and aerial cube once – thankfully those two were not as appealing to me.  But now, I have discovered aerial silks – and yes – I’m in love ! see the footage here:

studio:  Aeriform Arts in Hollywood, CA


FlyingOver50 Dance Flow ( video )

FlyingOver50 Dance Flow is my methodology for encouraging older woman to dance.  I have found that the idea of a pole – not to mention high heels – is somewhat intimidating for a woman who is embarking on her first ‘movement’ class,  so I created the FlyingOver50 Dance Flow concept where I teach ‘seasoned’ women slow, low flow movement.  Here’s some for you at


PST Fit Club from Mighty Grip

New workout programs are like new high heel pole shoes – they keep life exciting and you can’t have enough of them !  I’m currently training with the PST Fit Club pole suspension training kit from MIghty Grip  and incorporating their The Pole PT    free online training course into my weekly schedule. 

The PST Fit Club pole suspension training kit is designed by polers for polers. It turns your pole into what I like to call a multi-dimensional training gym! The Pole PT online course is a strength and conditioning program that details a workout plan for the training kit.  Mighty Grip  distributes the PST Fit Club product and also carries my faves in gloves, knee pads and pole grip product.

I’m looking forward to more toning, conditioning and strength building  as I add this workout plan to my exercise itinerary !