United Pole Artists Features FlyingOver50 !!!

Every once in a while the universe gives you a nod to let you know that you are on the right path and doing thing right!  Well I got my most recent ‘nod’ when United Pole Artists featured FlyingOver50  on their pages !  Can I get a wooot woot !!! UPA is big in the pole community y’all ! They have been collecting news, information and writings by and about polers since 2009.

They featured my interview with “The Pole Dancing Chronicles” that was produced by  Might Grip, Inc. , one of the leaders in providing the best protective and assistive fitness and sports gear,  and my favorite folks  Mercville Productions who are known for immortalizing pole dancers with their Goddesses in Motion Pop Up Pole Videos Series and more!

Take a peep and a listen at:  https://www.unitedpoleartists.com/2018/11/makeda-smith/?fbclid=IwAR2tSX9lycBZHeJaJ3tFf7bh2pPdLxhJyC3IcrRFDn0dRKJazCj62Kkr9yc


the art of hanging tuff

The art of hanging tuff

is a finely tuned skill

that necessitates the art of flow !

studio:  The Vertitude