navigating at 55…

… more light forcast head .


studio:  Tilt Studios

take a seat …

some times sitting is taking a stand … 


studio:  Tilt Studios

we got a meme !

sending a love filled shout out to our Facebook friend and Chicago homie, Lothario Lee, for this magical meme he gifted us with !  We love when we inspire more light !


my delicious interview with

Wow!  When you do what you love and operate from a passion base – the ‘you-niverse’ will surprise and support you.   Ben, the incredible host and producer of came across and invited us to interview – and oh what a blessing his interview was.  And then he topped off this most pleasurable interview experience with this incredible art work – just WoW!  Gaze upon his beauty filled rendition of one of our photos and listen to the interview here:


photography by:  @ShotbyJhana

art work:  Ben at