Magick Makeda Loved Magic Mike !

Me having my own ‘Magic Mike’ experience at Butter Entertainment in Studio City, CA.  Photo credit:  Dr. Boogie.


Hello ladies and lady loveHers, here is my “Magic Mike XXL” review in four words : 

Go See It Now !

My five faves from the film:

1) The chocolate dancers at the mansion !

2)  The lines:  “What are we?”  “We are like healers or something.”

3) Jada Pinkett ( ha! – you thought I was gonna say Channing Tatum and for the record, I am ‘strictly dickly’ – but I do honor all goddesses … and she is most definitely one.)

4) The soundtrack – most of the songs are on my pole playlist and I’ve poled to them so I was gyrating in my seat – lol!

5) The unbridled, brashy sexiness that layered the entire film.

I can’t wait to see this film again – it was so much good ol’ sexy fun!  

I give it two poles up!  It made me want to jump on the pole and just dance …. yesssss !  lololol ~

We Got Press !

Makeda in TopCatLive Magazine

We love press !  We love securing it for our clients – but we also love when we are on the receiving end – and getting press for ourselves.  Check out this beauty full feature TopCatLive Magazine did on moi at !  And that is our fabulous client, singer/actress Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley providing background vocals when you hit the link and read !

full moon in capricorn

eye am coming to the close of a seven day ‘light’ fast

… mind fully absorbing ‘innerg’ from the cosmos.  

how nice to find out that the full moon is in capricorn – my zodiac sign !  

there are no coincidences, only synchronicities !


Re-defined, Re-imaged and Re-invigorated

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Over 50 and on a Pole ….I have run my public relations agency, Jazzmyne Public Relations (, for 27 years now.  I started my business in 1988, working as a single mom from home. This was way before it was trendy to work from home. But I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer and now here we are, decades later and working from home is the trend.

I point this out because just like in 1988 when I made folks raise their eyebrows by working from home, here I am, still raising eyebrows. This time it’s my new found passion for pole dancing and aerial fitness that is turning heads.

My journey to the pole was not a direct route. I have never studied dance, nor have I been overly athletic. Hiking, rollerblading, the gym and golf was how I got down. If a psychic had told me years old that I would find myself contorted around a pole in my fifties, I would have asked for my money back!

Life is full of peaks and valleys and one of my most devastating valleys occurred when after investing heavily in the real estate market, I crashed when it crashed, losing almost a dozen properties, including my home, my cars, my dog, and oh, my man, who walked out on me. That was seven years ago and my life has not been the same since.

I have not rebuilt my financial empire but I have re-imaged what life looks and feels like to me. My public relations agency is still operational, but in addition to working as an entertainment industry publicist, I pole dance. And I do so unapologetically. Pole dancing has become an essential part of the formula that has redefined, re-imaged and reinvigorated my life.

At 54, I am in the best shape of my life, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In addition to my daily sound therapy meditation practice, pole dancing plays a tremendous part in my overall health and well beingness.

I initially went looking for a new exercise regimen four years ago when I turned 50. There was a woman being photographed performing a split on the sidewalk in Hollywood at the intersection of Sunset and Vine. She was an amazing 73 years old and she told me her secret for youth was her daily yoga practice. I knew then, it was time to step up my game.

I happened across a social marketing deal for pole dancing and thought, what the heck, why not try it.   The studio was Luscious Maven and with one class and I was hooked! The class incorporated yoga, stretching and core building with sensual movement around the pole…and high heel shoes were involved! The heels have become a favorite part of my exercise regimen, simply because I love shoes! I now call pole my ‘gateway drug’ as it has lead me to training with the aerial hammock and aerial hoop.

My personal page on Facebook has become a testimony to my dance and aerial art journey.  I am inspiring women to seek out a fitness routine and to embrace their inner sensuality and sexuality as many find my dance and aerial posts unusually artistic and awe inspiring.

Today at 54, I am a grandmother, a single mom of two adult daughters and I caretake my ailing mom.  Pole dancing keeps me alive, invigorated and youthful and is major stress reliever.

I particularly hope to be a role model and inspiration to older women.  I believe that aging is a mind and no mind game. I pay it ‘no mind.’ With my pole passion I am becoming younger and stronger and more peaceful as the training requires control of the mind, mental alertness and discipline.

I continue to defy notions of how things should be done, just like I did back in 1988 when I started my home based business in an office based world. Who says a woman can’t run a business and still climb a pole, oh, and be over 50? My affirmation is to live life as a goddess and a goddess knows no limits.

I look forward to journaling here. I’m elated to be here and interact with the pole community, while inviting my many associates in the non-pole community to follow along.

That said, let’s dance dammit !

Blessings ~

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